Some Days

Share your voice in a community poem, “Some Days,” to honor the vital work of our caregivers during this unprecedented time of crisis.


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Some days you’ll reach for the stars
wishing you had longer arms
you’ll break into a million pieces
and call yourself confetti
or look at another and feel
for just that moment
everything is right with the world

Some days you’ll feel a fire in your chest
as if the whole world is burning
Some days all the lines and scribbles
of your life
will make a picture

Some days with grace and grit,
you’ll know the work of a nurse
is the work of the heart
sacred and profane

Your arms will open like doors
welcoming those in need
You do not know all the stories
but you will learn to become them


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In partnership with Kent State University College of Nursing, we want to honor and reflect on the suffering we all face during these difficult days of uncertainty and isolation, and also on the specific sacrifices and challenges of our nurses, doctors, and other health care professionals who continue to serve the public face-to-face.

This prompt comes from a community poem scripted by the Wick Poetry Center from writing workshops with students, faculty, and alumni of Kent State’s College of Nursing for their 50th anniversary. We asked them to ruminate on the simple phrase “Some Days,” to give voice to the emotional rewards and challenges of their nursing profession.

We invite people now to contribute a line or stanza to this community poem honoring the vital work of our caregivers during this unprecedented time of crisis.

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